Math tools

Here you find many tools that can help you with various mathematical calculations.

Draw and compare box plots.
Perform calculations with two fractions and see how the calculations are done in detail.
Calculate the radius, diameter, circumference and area of a circle.
Write decimal numbers as fractions, either exactly or as approximations with denominators of limited size.
Generate random numbers of up to 100 digits with a custom number of decimal places.
Calculate the greatest common divisor for two or more integers.
Create a histogram for a set of values.
Calculate the lowest common denominator for two or more fractions.
Calculate the mean and median for a list of values.
Find the most common value.
Calculate sides, angles, height, perimeter and area of a parallelogram.
Calculate all the prime factors of a number.
Calculates the lower and upper quartiles.
Extract the largest and smallest values, and see how much they differ.
Calculate the sides, diagonal, perimeter and area of a rectangle.
Find the formula and show the initial numbers of a sequence.
Simplify a fraction as much as possible.
Calculate side, diagonal, perimeter and area of a square.
Calculate expected value, variance and standard deviation.
Calculate the sum of a list of numbers.
Calculate all the properties of a trapezium.
Calculate sides, angles, height, perimeter and area of a triangle.