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The goal of the game is to clear a minefield without detonating any of the mines. Many minesweeper games have been created throughout the years but most famous is probably the one that were included in earlier versions of Windows. What is special about the minesweeper game on this page is that all fields are generated randomly, but in such a way that it's always possible to find a solution without having to guess.

Game rules

The game is played on a grid where some of the squares have mines in them. The content of all squares are unknown when the game starts. Clicking on a square reveals its content.

All squares that don't contain mines have to be revealed in order to win.

Mark mines with flags ⚑

By studying the numbers that show how many mines there are in the surrounding squares it's possible to calculate which squares that contain mines. To make it easier to keep track of where the mines are the squares can be marked with flags. This also protects against accidental clicks because it's not possible to reveal the content of a square as long as it's marked with a flag.

The flags can be placed (and removed) by right-clicking on the squares with the mouse pointer. If a touchscreen is used the finger can instead be hold until a flag becomes visible. The time it takes before a flag is placed can be changed in the settings menu.

Fast times are added to the high scores

It's not necessary to hurry while playing minesweeper. Taking time and carefully figuring out the solution can be a fun and relaxing activity that gives good training for the brain at the same time, but for those that have a more competitive nature it can be an interesting challenge to try and use as little time as possible. If a time is good enough you will get a chance to add your name to the high score lists.

Each country and continent has their own high score lists. The player's location is guessed based on the IP address but this can be changed in the settings menu. The scores are shared with dataverktyg.se which has the Swedish version of this game.

The time zone setting on the player's own computer is used to determine the date. This is the reason why new times sometimes appear on yesterday's lists or why there are already quite a few times for today even though it wasn't long ago since it became a new day for you. The transition to a new day is somewhat delayed and happens approximately two hours after midnight.

There are also three different high scores depending on the size of the minefield.

Another requirement for all sizes is that the number of mines are not allowed to be above 40 %.