Generate random numbers

Note: The random numbers can contain up to 100 digits.

This tool lets you generate random numbers with the size and precision that you want.

The two topmost input fields are used to specify the minimum and maximum values possible. The tool will make sure that all random numbers are generated within this range. If you do not want to allow the numbers to be exactly equal to the values that you have entered you can select the "exclude" box next to each field.

The third field specifies the number of decimal places that the random numbers should have. If you want the tool to only generate whole numbers you should specify the number of decimals to be zero. All possible values within the specified range will be generated with equal probability regardless of whether or not decimals are used. The tool has an upper limit of 100 digits in total. You'll get an error message if this limit is exceeded.

The fourth and last field specifies how many random numbers that will be generated. All numbers are generated randomly independent of each other so it is possible that some of them end up being the same. The tool can generate at most 100 random numbers at a time but it is of course possible to generate many more by using the tool multiple times.