Calculate the sum

Enter the values that you want to add, separated by spaces or line breaks.

This summation tool makes it easy to calculate the sum of a list of numbers.

Note that both dot and comma can be used as a decimal mark so the numbers have to be separated by space, tab, newline, or similar. It is possible to use a comma-separated list as long as each comma is followed by a space. Text and other characters that are not recognised as numbers will simply be ignored. You might want to make sure that the tool interprets the values that you have entered correctly by pressing the "show" link located where the number of values are shown.

Addition is the most fundamental operation in mathematics. Addition with very small numbers (e.g. 1 + 1) is something that comes natural to most children at a very young age, and is also something that even some animals can do, even though they might not have a language to express it. The addition of a sequence of numbers is often called a summation and the result is called the sum.

You can read more about addition and summation on Wikipedia.

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